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Yamaha RZ350 YPVS

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Visitor's Pic Page

Rick's 1977 RD with Moto Carrera pipes, y boot air filter, Magura
controls, half moto carrera half mine rear sets, electronic ignition, bronze swing arm bushings and taperd steering head bearings. Custom fiberglass tail and seat made by Rick himself!  Looks fantastic!

Dave's almost completely custom RZ.  That is a yzr500 fairing, custom built (by Dave himself) tail-section, subframe.  RZ frame highly modified, R1 front end, FZ600 swinger with 5x17 rear wheel.  R1 rearsets customized to fit.  That is an RZ350 tank customized.  Check out his website for more info and a great pics page!
Russ's (Ruzty) Canadian model RZ350 with RGV250 swingarm.  That tail section is the Airtech yzr500 replica tail made for the RZ with a nice spray bomb job!  Russ is working out rear wheel issues, and will be upgrading the front eventually too. 
Luther's spondon tzr frame with an rz350 engine.  This is a work in progress but is getting close to done!  TZ250 wheels. 
Brian's RZ350 out of Vermont--single sided swinger, nsr250 front end.  Since this pic he has added RGV Steve's Rearsets (sick) and Aluminum sidestand (trick) and a few other goodies, motor is 030 over, ported, 30mm VM's, boost bottle, cut head, and the K&N 2-1 pod, vortex clip ons, steering stabilizer and RZ500 gauges and those lovely Lomas GP pipes!  New pics to follow hopefully. 
Jimmy's FZR400 racebike--I know, it's not a 2-Stroke, but still an awesome bike, a nice guy, and he has a buddy with an RZ!  I believe he told me this is an 89 fzr, with a 90 deltabox swingarm. 

Stan's (aka RZBeebe; Beebe) FRANKEN-BIKE.  He is currently working on upgrading and fixing her up as the previous owner caused this damage.  He just couldn't pass it up!  Keep us posted Stan. 

I expect an after picture sometime in the near future--let the anticipation build!
Robert's (aka Screamer) SCREAMER.  Check out that aftermarket upper fairing--looks awesome!  Nice and clean too. 
Rizal's RZ350R out of Malaysia. 

Adriaan from the Netherlands.  Beautiful RD350R--very clean, even down to fresh paint on the pipes and crispy white wheels!  Excellent looking model and great upkeep!