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Yamaha RZ350 YPVS

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How to Read and Select Spark Plugs--by Gordon Jennings

Fuel/Oil Mixture Chart--Quick Reference!!

Suspension Tuning--How to Set-up Your Suspension

Suspension and Springs--by Paul Thede (Race Tech)

Chassis Alignment Basics--Rob Tuluie

Chassis Alignment Part II--Rob Tuluie

Ask Lassak--Various Tech Info

Tuning Two-Strokes--by John Lassak

The Mystery of Detonation--by Rob Tuluie

The Meaning of Gas--by Rob Tuluie

The Cylinder Head--by A.G. Bell

Tuned Pipe Information

Track Lap Records (w/times, rider, bike, tires, and date)

RZ350 Parts Manual--Adobe Acrobat

84/85 RZ350 Wiring Diagram

Geering Calculator--Excel Spreadsheet (Download)

Dispelling 2-Stroke Tuning Myths--by Frank Wrathall (Word) (Download)

Steering Geometry Calculator--Courtesy of Tony Foale (Download)

CoG Based on Mass & CoG locations of Components--Tony Foale (Download)

CoG Based on Weight Measurements of Assembled Bike--Tony Foale

How To Wheelie--Video

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